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COMING 22 FEB 2019

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Philip Daniel Zach is a composer, pianist, and teacher from Lincoln, Nebraska. Zach did his graduate work at the UMKC Conservatory in Piano Performance and his undergraduate studies at Hastings College, where he earned a Bachelor's in Piano Performance and Piano Pedagogy.

His sole purpose as a composer is to create music thats primary goal is to convey unequivocal emotion and to make people truly “feel”. Zach believes that music has a unique ability to cause change in the world by this personal connection to individual listeners and aims to be a small part in positively impacting his community thru his music.


Between Us” consists of 12 compositions (in 2 chapters) originally recorded/written on solo piano with strings/synths added later by Nashville-based violinist/producer Shawn Williams. Contrary to his overtly extroverted narrative compositions from his first two album (recorded on grand piano) this album consists of intimate melodic ideas expanded upon by improvisation. 

The album was created on and inspired by the sound of a 100 year-old Steinway upright with felt over the strings. These pieces are an intimate conversation with the listener and Philip seeks to simulate the experience of informally playing for just one person, aiming to take the listener inside the piano into a personal/intimate space with the composer. 

Recorded in one take, this album was purposely not “planned” and has no real musical formal structure, rather simple ideas are expanded upon determined by the composer’s feelings on that one specific night of the recording.

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Photos by David Pugh